Michele R

This is my second 6 week boot camp training that I’m doing with Leslie and it’s worth the investment!

When I first started in January, I had to do modified burpees, modified sit-ups, modified mountain climbers. Heck modified everything! 😆

But Leslie trained me very methodically yet intensely. She ensures that form is correct. A must for her! And each class was new, different & exciting. Always something “out the box”. I’d look at the board and think “how am I going to get through?”

But she motivated me….. within strict time limits to finish the workout; forcing me to intensify my training & push through.

I’m amazed to see such a great improvement in my strength and endurance. My body feels firm and good too ……So good that I figured with the intense workouts I was doing, I could justify some snacking. So I snacked these last 3 weeks like there was no tomorrow.
….But it came! coupled with my age & hormones 😆 & so I haven’t lost the weight that I know I could have.
Oh well tomorrow is Day 1! See you then Leslie. 👋🏽