Online Personal and Group Training

We have developed online training sessions to meet your health and wellness needs. No equipment is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. Classes can be booked online via Punchpass.

Leslie brings her unique perspective to personal training and her personality shines through in her sessions/workouts. She ensures that she is current in her knowledge of anatomy and nutrition and aims to provide a complete program tailored for her clients.
I enjoy her sessions tremendously; the workouts, which challenge me to push the limits of my body, are buffered by her entertaining wit and personality. Leslie is creative and adaptable in designing sessions for my needs and I am feeling and seeing the benefits as we continue on this journey together.


This is my second 6 week boot camp training that I’m doing with Leslie and it’s worth the investment!

When I first started in January, I had to do modified burpees, modified sit-ups, modified mountain climbers. Heck modified everything! 😆

But Leslie trained me very methodically yet intensely. She ensures that form is correct. A must for her! And each class was new, different & exciting. Always something “out the box”. I’d look at the board and think “how am I going to get through?”

But she motivated me….. within strict time limits to finish the workout; forcing me to intensify my training & push through.

I’m amazed to see such a great improvement in my strength and endurance. My body feels firm and good too ……So good that I figured with the intense workouts I was doing, I could justify some snacking. So I snacked these last 3 weeks like there was no tomorrow.
….But it came! coupled with my age & hormones 😆 & so I haven’t lost the weight that I know I could have.
Oh well tomorrow is Day 1! See you then Leslie. 👋🏽

Michele R